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Face Mask do's and dont's Canvas Bag

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Off White

Social Distancing - Durian Style White Canvas Bag is made with 100% canvas cotton, and can be personalised with a name. Each Canvas Bag measures 40cm x 38cm layflat. Super versatile for use all year round!

C.W. Kee is the creative mastermind behind The Star’s comic series “It’s A Durian Life” and “Kee’s World”. His comics humorously detail the ups and downs of life, often capturing iconic Malaysian scenes that we can all resonate with. Kee’s comics have been published in The Star for 35 years and counting - lookout for his daily cartoons in the comic section!

According to Kee, life is akin to choosing a good durian. Until you cut it open, you’re never sure what you’re going to get, making it a great Malaysian analogy to sum up our journey through life.

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