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Orange & Blue Geometric Small Tiffin Carrier with Name Personalization

Takeaway in style with your own tiffin/mangkuk tingkat, personalised with your name/initial/brand.

Made with food safe grade stainless steel with high quality waterproof and heatproof 3M vinyl covering.

Durable and easy to use and clean.

Wash and Care Instructions

We use high quality outdoor grade adhesive vinyl that should last a very long time if properly taken care off.

When washing your Tiffins, remember to not use scratchable metal scrubs on the vinyl surface directly. To ensure long lasting use of our Tiffin, please clean and dry them properly after every use.


Measurement : 14cm (D) x 25cm (H)
Tiffin Grade : 410
Weight : 750gsm
Capacity : Suitable for 2-3 pax
Food Insulation : Standard Insulation

NOTE : Please do not use in microwave.